Some recent work:   Papiers 22Entre deux, Vincent FillonExtra Life magazineÉcran Total, exhibition"chancelière" typographyOpen Days 2017Maison de la culture, AmiensDeezer, posters festival and website.
(2017) Papiers numéro 22 (France Culture)
In collaboration with Building Paris (Guillaume Grall et Benoît Santiard).
(2017) Entre deux, Vincent Fillon
In collaboration with Building Paris (Guillaume Grall et Benoît Santiard).
(2017) Extra life, a genetically modified magazine.
In collaboration with Faustine Delbourg.
Based of scientific, archaeological, mathematical and historical studies: a new way to consider the place of Man in the Universe.
We are not alone in the cosmos, and we are not alone on Earth.
(2017) Écran Total: Exhibition organised by the students of the Graphic Design Master
Consequences of computer surveillance over writing systems. We all worked on a common scenography to present our works.
(2017) Typographic research on the model of the "chancielière" (or Cancellaresca)
(2017) Posters suggestion for the Open Days 2017 @ Ésad Amiens.
(2016) Visual identity, posters and program for la Maison de la Culture d'Amiens
(2016) Visual dentity for Deezer (Music stream), festival posters and website.
(2016) SP95 is a photographic study about automobiles.
(2016) Fanzine SP95 + Boham Carter
(2016) Essay about The copy
(2016) the Queen Margot, Volume 2 by Alexandre Dumas.
Proposition for a multisensorial reading.
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(2016) Diploma installation.

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